XII Argentine Congress on Computer Science
October 17-21, 2006 - Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, Argentina
Universidad Nacional de San Luis






Until the 30 of September
From the 1 of October
Students UNSL
$ 30
$ 35
Assistants of Integral Universities of the REDUNCI
$ $ 40
$ 50
Assistants in General
$ 50
$ 60


  1. BANKING TRANSFERENCE:: Bank Nación Argentina (SUC. 3240-SAN LUIS).

    Cta. Cte. 478-20172/07
    CBU 0110478720047820172072.-- CUIT: 30-64873112-0
    To send a FAX to: 02652 427713 with the comprobant of the operation and indicating Name, Last name and DNI of whom made the payment and specifying to what event is affected this payment (ARGENTINE CONGRESS OF SCIENCES OF the COMPUTACIÓN-UNSL).

  2. IN EFFECTIVE FOUNDATION UNSL: Av. Ejército de los Andes 950- Planta. Baja. D5700HHW- San Luis. Working days from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 18 .-

  3. Also the payment of the inscription will be able to be made during the accomplishment of the Hotel Potrero de los Funes, San Luis.


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