XII Argentine Congress on Computer Science
October 17-21, 2006 - Potrero de los Funes, San Luis, Argentina
Universidad Nacional de San Luis






October 17-21

Important dates:

School Attendants Notification: September 15th, 2006

1) “Theory and Practice of the Evolutionary Algorithms ”

- Enrique Alba, University of Málaga, Spain.
- Dr. Gabriel Luque.

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2) “Development of software for image processing and video ”
- Engineer Pablo Flores (Institute of Electrical Engineering, University of the Republic, Uruguay).
- Msc. Federico Lecumberry (Institute of Electrical Engineering, University of the Republic, Uruguay).
- Dr. Álvaro Pardo (Department of Electrical Engineering, Catholic University, Uruguay).
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3)“IPv6 and Movable IPv6. Foundations and opportunities of new services and applications ”
- Engineer Rodolfo Kohn, Intel, Argentina.
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4) “Computation in Clusters and Multiclusters: Efficient execution of Applications and Tolerance to Failures”
- Emilio Luque (UAB)
- Dolores Rexachs (UAB)
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5) "Quality of combined Models UML/OCL".
Mg. Luis Reynoso, University of the Comahue.
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Courses will take place in the morning from Monday to Friday . Some may take Saturday for evaluation purposes.

  • Both lecturers and attendees will have free registration to the conference.
  • Thirty lodging grants --for students attendees that are not from Universidad de San Luis-- will be available.
  • Courses are free of charge for university students.

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